Boost Your Social Media Exposure with these 6 Innovative Strategies

In this era of Digital Marketing, business owners and marketers have vast choice in terms of availability of channels for the promotion of their products, services and brands.

Social Media Marketing is definitely the most optimum and cost-effective channel amongst the plethora of channels available to reach out to your niche audience.
It has been observed that online users spend one minute in every 6 minutes on social networks, thus promoting your business on social networks will enable you to get the desired responses from your audiences.

Social Media Marketing


If you are newbie or a well-established entrepreneur, you need to boost your social media exposure to make people aware of your products, services and brand.

Begin with these innovative tips:
1. Create Valuable Content :
Creation of valuable content is the main key for social media marketing strategies. Most of the social media  campaigns don’t yield the desirable results as there is nothing valuable written in term of content to attract the attention of the targeted clients. If you have valuable content attached to your post, it will surely generate engagement in terms of number of likes, shares, comments etc. Some of the tips to build valuable content are:

  • Perform an extensive keyword research and with the help of results build your content.
  • Popular hashtags and topics which are relevant to your business must be searched and content must be focused on these.
  • With the help of analytics and social media management software, you can find out on what type of content your niche audience will respond actively. Thus, create your content according to the survey.
  • Input the content at proper time to get maximum engagement.
  • Use Marketing Automation tools like everything in detail about Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Salesforce to Automate your Marketing and increase ROI of your business. Marketing Automation will not help you to analyse everything but will also help you to many things with almost 70-80% automation. You can see better results and growth in your business. Wise3 has covered almost all the important things regarding different marketing automation tools. You can study it from there.

2. Interaction with Social Media Community

Social Media Marketing should not only involve posting posts at regular intervals, you need to put in time to generate interaction and engagement from your social media community. Following tips shall help you in achieving this:

  • As a key rule, you must always have content that is interesting enough for your audiences to be apart of discussion.
  • Never forget to attach a Call to Action (CTA) in your content. It can vary according to your purpose intended. For instance, join the discussion, like or share the content , click on the link and many others.
  • You must reply to every comment on your post.

3. Your Social Media Presence should have a local touch 

If you go by the latest marketing trends of 2015, then to target locally is the most effective technique to engage the audiences. This is best for small and medium sized businesses who wish to target at a specific clientele in a particular area. This is however, applicable to any business size.
4. Perfect Timing of Your Posts

Even if you have the perfect content for your post, still if the timing is wrong you shall not get the desired result. People might not be able to see your post if it is posted at the wrong time.
The key to know the most appropriate time is to post on regular basis and check at what time you are getting the maximum response. This way you shall come to know the best time to publish your posts. This way you can get the maximum engagement and work in your favour.

5. Use Flash Promotions Effectively

One of the innovative ways is to make use of regular flash promotions which many of the digital marketers ignore. This way, you can create a regular clientele, generate attention of your niche market towards your brand.

If you are experiencing some downfall in your sales, then flash promotions is the apt thing for you. The key is to make your flash promotions limited to fewer participants or time bounded. To increase the participation of audiences, you can highlight the timers or countdowns to particular deadlines.

6. Mobile Social Media Users shall not be Ignored

Did you know, if you are targeting the audiences of the United States, you can reach up to 79 million people through mobile social media campaigns. Social Media marketers shall not ignore mobile social media which is a rave these days.


I can stay that if you are a business owner or digital media marketer; include social media marketing as an important part of your marketing campaigns to generate greater exposure for your business and brand.

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