Top 10 tips to create a better landing page

There is no doubt that the two most significant elements of lead generation are landing pages and the lead capture forms that come along with them. Without their help, it is difficult to convert the visitors into leads for marketers of a website. These also aid in re-conversions. This is because with landing pages, you are able to direct your visitors to the targeted pages that have the ability to convert visitors into leads than the forms which are not other web pages.

Landing pages are also helpful in making your visitors focus on a particular offer rather than getting distracted with other things on your website. Let us discuss the following points which shall help in the creation of an effective landing page.

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1) Your landing page must include All Critical Elements

Landing pages are also sometimes known as “lead-capture pages” for the simple reason that they are used to get leads from visitors by getting relevant information from them or by completing a transaction. To get one of the above two mentioned tasks completed, your landing page must consist of the following elements:

  • A headline and a sub-headline is a must
  • Minimum of 1 supporting image
  • Few supporting elements like testimonials or security badges (although these are optional)
  • Most important of all, is the form which shall capture all the relevant information from visitors

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2) Remove the links of the Main Navigation

Once a visitor arrives on the landing page, it is your job to keep him occupied with the offer. So, it is a good idea to remove the links of the main navigation, so that the visitors are not distracted and remain on the landing page itself. This is one of the optimum ways to lessen friction and increase the conversion rate.

3) Landing Page Headline should match with its ‘Call To Action’

You must keep the headline of the landing page corresponding with that of calls-to-action (CTA). With this, you eliminate all the confusion and doubts that a visitor might have, if both the headlines don’t match.

4) As a thumb rule, always remember: Less Is More

Many of you might have heard of the phase,” Keep it simple”. Apply this philosophy to create effective landing pagesand see the difference. A landing page with simple and to the point text and images is more appreciated amongst visitors.

5) Lay Stress on the Offer’s Value

It is always beneficial to highlight the advantages of the offer with a few bullet points or a small paragraph. Apart from defining what the offer consists of, there also must be few lines highlighting the importance of the offer. This gives the visitors an incentive to take that offer without second thoughts.

6) Social Sharing must be encouraged

If you want your visitors to get involved with your offers and content, including social media sharing buttons is a must. As a tip, you must include only those social media platforms which are largely used by your niche clients. Also, an email forwarding option must never be skipped.

7) For more lead generation, more landing pages must be created

It has been observed that if you increase your landing pages from 10 to 15, you shall see an approximate 55% increase in the leads. The reason is simple, the more offers you have, the higher the chances for lead conversions. To increase the number of landing pages, you must empty an easy to use landing page creation tool. The tool shall be able to tweak the offers you already have, create more offers and use the content you already have in different ways.

8) Only ask for relevant Information

The fewer the fields on your form, the more likely your conversion rate is to increase. As you increase the number of rows in your form, this eventually increases the work for the visitors and they might lose interest. However, on the other side, if a client fills a lengthier form, that means you are able to generate good quality leads as the visitor thought that your offer had substantial value and thus competed the form. The most sure fire way to determine the strength of your form is by testing it yourself and see what suits your business the most.

9) Avoid the “Submit” Button

One of the simplest methods of increasing your conversion rate is by avoiding the use of the “submit” button. Instead, you can use some other words that might go with your business. Tip: You can make your button bold, big and colorful and make sure it appears like a button.

10) Reduce Anxiety with Proof Messages

Nowadays, people hesitate giving their personal information, thus you can reduce their anxiety by adding a link to your privacy policy page or you can even add a privacy message saying that your personal messages will not be shared or stored.


If you incorporate these 10 simple yet proven tips into the creation of your landing pages, you will definitely see a marked increase in your conversions. Building an effective landing page that attracts and converts visitors into leads is the difference between a successful marketing strategy and inevitable failure. So get started today.

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