Benefits of using LeadPages with Infusionsoft

Whether you are a blogger, or a professional selling a service, or a business with multiple clients, LeadPages has all the tools to enhance your communications and help you build lists with amazing speed and certainty. LeadPages is designed to be a comprehensive solution to building attractive landing pages within minutes and posting them even quicker, so users can spend their precious time on other, more demanding aspects of their work. Their platform is also designed to integrate with all major ESP’s and marketing automation systems, so that businesses and corporates can benefit and save even more time on seemingly mundane tasks.

Leadpages with infusionsoft


LeadPages integrates with the all major players in the technological market space including Hubspot, Marketo, Aweger, Mailchimp, GetRepsonse, ConstanContact, iContact, Ontraport, Salesforce, Active campaign and many more. In this article, we will be focusing on LeadPages integration with Infusionsoft specifically.

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LeadPages and Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft works extremely well with LeadPages. Specifically, the LeadPage platform connects with the Infusionsoft API, with the campaign builder and with Infusionsoft’s web form. For connection with the API, you will need the account simple name and your Infusionsoft API key; these will allow for a conversation between LeadPages and Infusionsoft. Once you’re accounts are linked and start talking to each other, you’re good to go on all fronts and can start connecting your LeadPages account to a campaign.

Just as LeadPages is known for their easy to use and intuitive landing page builder, so is Infusionsoft famous for their ground breaking WYSIWYG drag and drop campaign builder, which is considered to be the best in the market. The campaign builder equips you to visually create the flow of communications and marketing activities you’re subscribers will experience. Once you creates a campaign to cater to a certain goal, let’s say ‘request information’ is the goal. Now you choose the goal method and say that it is ‘submits a Web form’. Now, since you are using LeadPages as you’re landing page, you don’t need to customise the from or make it look pretty, you simply need to make it functional. So you simply add whatever fields you need to get whatever information you’re looking for, for example ‘first name’. (Note, you can also build landing pages within Infusionsoft, they just don’t look as great nor are they going to attract the same level of conversions). Once, you’re campaign is ready and all your sequences and actions are tied in, you can proceed to integrate it with a custom LeadPage.

Now, you’re inside LeadPages. Here you will choose the template you wish to use and customise it if you want. Then from opt-in integration, you select Infusionsoft from the list of integrations and proceed to add or subtract fields from your inform. Lets’ say you end with, ‘name and Email address’. Now you’re form is ready. You’re integration is complete; to verify your integration with Infusionsoft, publish and view your page.


Infusionsoft is a great platform to integrate your LeadPages with. Both systems are extremely user friendly, intuitive and visually attractive, not to mention powerful, functional and they both have awesome marketplaces where users can shop and tweak their systems even more to come as close as possible to a complete SAAS experience.

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