About Us

What we do? Why we excel?

Timandren is a forum where business people, companies, marketers and entrepreneurs converge to gain a fresh perspective about their respective ventures, through new ideas on:

  • Lead generation tactics and methodologies,
  • Social Media trends, engagement and enhancement; and
  • How to increase the all important conversion rate, as well as
  • Learn about the latest in marketing and marketing technology

People keeping coming back to us because they feel the passion with which we approach each clients’ business needs and goals.

We have a strong “why” and we love what we do. We believe that by helping people and businesses succeed and achieve their wildest goals, not only do we succeed, but everyone wins, including the environmentalists. “How”, you might ask? Well, because, when people and businesses truly succeed they create value (either through a product or a service) in society and genuinely feel like sharing their worth and wealth with everyone. Just look at all the successful creators in the world if you need proof!

Although, there is no dearth of marketing information, websites and blogs on the internet, at Timandren we keep it real (a little clichéd? Who cares!). Our team is constantly doing research on the latest updates and technology as well as experimenting using all the stuff we find through a multitude of different split testing techniques. So, we know our methods work. Also, we treat each client with the same dedication and commitment and tailor a unique strategy to address their particular business and marketing needs and goals. We believe in finding new ways to do things and that another reason we never get tired and nothing ever gets old at marketingreal.

So, read, enjoy, learn and we hope you’ll get on board. You have everything to gain and only ignorance to lose.

Live and succeed,

The Timandren Team