Our entire focus and effort is centered on helping businesses succeed. We are a passionate bunch of individuals who believe in bringing out of the best in people and their projects and goals. We believe that great businesses are the  expression of individual and team aspirations to make a real difference in the world towards affecting the well being of human and other life either directly or indirectly.  At Timandren, we recognize the significance of empowering people and businesses to make those efforts to create and affect real change in the world.

We view the internet as the central nervous system of the planet, and as such recognize its inherent function of co-ordinating and controlling all information that exists.  It is the great frontier as far any successful venture, be it business or otherwise, is concerned. So, in a sentence, we are in the business of empowering businesses to understand, conceive and implement concrete internet marketing strategies. Notice, the keyword here is empowering and not merely consulting or creating a dependency on our services. We find that through our approach, people are more willing to come on board and collaborate with us towards achieving a common goal: success.

Our service include the following:

Inbound marketing process: This approach is starkly different from the traditional, “out-bound” approach, where the marketing effort is largely focused on the dissemination of information regardless of the inclination of the masses towards your efforts, The inbound approach that is our main focus, is driven by attraction. We help create strategies to attract particular audiences to a businesses product or service.

How we achieve the above:

SEO: Our team of experienced professionals world closely with you to determine the goal of your website and then help in rank your website on the top of your chosen (google) search engined listings. We are confident and experienced in working with all the different modalities that might affect and do affect the visibility of your website in a search engine.

Content Creation: This is the cornerstone of any and all successful inbound internet marketing campaigns. We are well versed with the process of creating effective and targeted content that is sure to attract and convert your target audience. Our content strategy is a holistic approach which includes curation, planning and scheduling of content on your website in a manner that is most conducive to success of your website.

Website Design and Development: We provide the best in website design services and consulting on CMS (Content Management Systems).

Marketing  Consultation: Marketing technology has revolutionized the way marketing is done. However, in our experience we have found that people and businesses are mostly confused about the implications and potential of these technologies. Our experts provide quality consulting services to assist you in understanding implications of various technologies for your marketing efforts and their potential applications for your business niche.

To sum up our services, we provide world class internet marketing services and solutions that are driven by over 12 years of experience in dealing with various business clients and entrepreneurs. Our services include an in-depth understanding of our clients business, SEO, SEM, Content creation, Web development and Design, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Strategy Development and Consulting services catering to the utilization and understanding of various marketing automation technologies.