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We keep our clients info confidential. They prefer it this way, because of competition and other reasons, as a matter of fact so do we. We don’t want to give our competitor’s an in either on the companies and websites we’re working with.


“We were pretty apprehensive about changing our marketing strategies, even though we knew it was in our interest. The team at Timandren helped us understand the implications and benefits of making the shift to marketing automation. They made an otherwise cumbersome and overwhelming shift, seem relatively effortless and we were able to integrate the system smoother than we had ever imagined possible. It has been close to a year since, we made the shift; we have since seen a 35% increase in business and a 20% jump in revenue and we are fully aware of the potential we have unlocked to skyrocket our business”

Steve Warner

Dir. Sales & Marketing. Co-owner

Reiner Corp

“We have worked closely with Timandren for the last 6 months and are extremely satisfied with the way things have panned out. They have a very keen eye for detail, an incredible insight into detecting problems and equally great process of formulating pragmatic solutions. Our main problem was visibility, but over the last few months, we have seen and incredible increase in traffics and a result many more leads; all thanks to their incredibly effective SEO strategies and methods”

Tim Robbins


Cyclo Group


“Unique approach,  dedicated service – Timandren does not only provide excellent guidance – They get to know your company and product intimately, and give their 100% at every juncture to ensure that you succeed. You need don’t need any convincing when you have such passionate people on board helping you. Could you ask for more?”

Rebecca Williams


Freestyle Inc